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"TruClarity made going independent a realistic goal. TruClarity’s guidance through creating a business and the transition process was key to our success. Now TruClarity helps with behind-the-scenes operations so we can focus on growth and our clients.”-Paul Tanner, Las Olas Capital Advisors - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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"Going independent is a challenging and rewarding process. We built a powerhouse team, including TruClarity, to establish a strong business model for current and future advisors. The support we got during the entire break away process was invaluable — we could not have done it without them. As we continue to grow, we are confident One Seven is in great hands as advisors join our platform knowing TruClarity will be assisting in the transition process and supporting our back office operations.”

-Ronald Gross, One Seven – Beachwood, OH

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“We always had this dream of having our own company. Creating something that as more than a job—a legacy that we could pass on. Looking back, I don’t know how anyone would do it without the TruClarity team. They worked alongside our legal counsel to put the company together while I focused on my clients and keeping my duty of loyalty. I joined a weekly meeting to make the important decisions and they took care of everything we needed to do. If I had to do it all over, I would do it the exact same way. TruClarity is very thorough in their process, we had a fantastic experience, and we have an excellent ongoing partnership to this day."