Transitioning Alternative Investments to the Independent Space

On this episode of GetClarity, Shad Besikof is joined by Rafay Farooqui, founder and CEO of SAF Platform. After starting his career at Goldman Sachs in 1998, Rafay and his team of partners founded CAIS, a fund placement firm focused on wealth management. In 2015, Rafay founded SAF Platform to deliver operational efficiency to the independent advisor space. His experience prompts him to offer progressive insights in today’s episode touching on alternative investments in the independent space.

Surprised by the inefficient processes financial firms are burdened with, Rafay created a robust platform for advisors to ease financial methods and assist in business initiatives. Shad and Rafay share the greatest concerns of advisors among the financial platform space, and why innovation can be challenging for wirehouses. Also discussed is the future of managing alternatives, as well as the bright future of SAF Platform, which intends to continue powering alternative investments by delivering the best technology and user experience. Tune in to learn how SAF Platform continues to be an innovation leader across the industry.

We hope you develop your own innovative ideas on this GetClarity podcast episode!

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